Bound allows marketers to engage first and engage next

We are personalization and engagement experts.

Everything we do is about making powerful connections — with our teammates, our partners, and our customers. We help our customers by empowering them to efficiently use their systems, data and content to engage with the right people at the right time through the right channel.

Our Purpose

We exist to help marketers build stronger, deeper, more relevant experiences with their customers. Our culture is the foundation for what we believe and how we work as a team — both internally and externally. We are built on the three core values of Learn, Connect and Grow.


Bound allows marketers to learn an unprecedented amount about their website visitors and what content they engage with onsite.


In order to consistently deliver the best strategy and support to our customers, we recognize that there’s always more to learn from others and from the industry every day.


Bound connects a marketer’s tech stack in order to simplify and enable data-driven personalization efforts. We also connect customers with a dedicated team of S.T.A.R.S. who provide strategy, execution, and analysis for constant optimization.


Relationships are extremely important to us, inside the office and out. We encourage time spent with family and our work family too! We are avid east siders who frequent local restaurants and support our community through bi-annual service projects.


Bound empowers marketers to continuously optimize the website experience based on what we know about their web audience. Marketers can then personalize based on the growing data, allowing them to meet marketing goals that grow their business.


We are an eager and curious team that is excited by opportunities to experiment, test, and optimize. We have a passion for personal and professional growth.


Find out how Bound connects and moves marketers forward.