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Listen – I can’t really believe that it’s already November.  How did this happen?! But ready or not, we know that DMOs start planning their holiday content long before the weather cools off.  To continue our Customer Spotlight series and welcome the start of the holiday season, we spoke with one of our favorite Texans,… Read More

Okay, marketers, the cat is out of the bag. We know that personalization is not your ONLY marketing strategy. We know that you have other platforms that you work in and other marketing campaigns that you run on your website. And, we know that you are active on social and are constantly creating new innovative… Read More

It’s a sunny Thursday afternoon, at the end of summer. Do you know where your website visitors are? If your answer is yes, you’re steps ahead of many marketing teams. Knowing the geo-location of your site traffic can help to inform site content and allow you the opportunity to cater site messaging to specific geo-locations… Read More

Our customer success managers are the pros on using Bound to its fullest extent.  Today’s tip highlights best practices for using modals and fly-ins. Today’s post was inspired by a frustration I experienced last week when searching for event rentals for my upcoming wedding.  On a seemingly harmless event rental homepage, I was greeted by… Read More

One of the most common struggles for a destination is how to appeal to visitors with wildly different interests. With persona-based ad campaigns you can separate these visitors and send them to different landing pages, but how do you continue to speak to their specific interests as they explore the general site? Using Bound, the… Read More

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