Use Smart Content to Connect the Social Web and Your Business

In his most recent Clickz post, author and Social Media Consultant Dave Evans cites Smart Content as valuable tool in connecting your social media presences with your marketing and conversion process. We recommend you read the full article here and check out the quote that we love below:

“As you begin to build a traffic flow from your social points of presence, you’ll want landing pages that are tuned not only to any advertising that you are doing – this is a long-standing best practice – but also to the specific social media content and sources from which this traffic originates. A great new tool that helps you do just this is ‘Smart Content.’ Smart Content has a rich rules engine underneath its super-simple and well-architected user interface: it’s a snap to create rules that present content blocks on your existing landing pages that are specific to visitors arriving from particular locations. This makes it possible to create a unique experience that ties your social content into your conversion path, and that measurably boosts conversion in the process. Using Smart Content, the city of San Antonio measured and documented a +49.9 percent conversion rate improvement by using content that was specific to the visitor – including the social source point of that traffic – versus static content. That’s impressive.”

Full Article: Connecting the Social Web and Your Business

Anthony Figgins
Anthony Figgins

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