Six Strategies for Personalizing Content for In-Market and Out-of-Market Visitors

How should you talk to your in-market visitors differently than your out-of-market visitors? Here are 6 strategies for targeting in-market and out-of-market visitors:


1. Make their visit easy: Welcome! Look at all the events going on this week. Click here for a handy map!

2. Make a Staycation recommendation: Your hometown is the perfect place for your staycation. Book a one-night downtown hotel package now.

3. Mealtime recommendations: So you live right down the street or just around the corner, but it feels like you’ve left the state. Enjoy international cuisine without leaving the city limits. Sign up for our EATs newsletter today.


1. Drive Distance: Suggest a quick weekend road trip. Visit us – just 3 hours! away! Request your Visitors Guide today.

2. International: Translate homepage messages for international tourists – Show visitors from China this message.

3. Flight Distance: Direct flight cities = easy travel for out of state guests. Switching flights just isn’t fun. Direct flights from Denver. Request a Visitors Guide today.


We can help! Get Smart Content allows you to present content based upon the location of your visitor. Serve the right message to the right person at the right time.

Anthony Figgins
Anthony Figgins

The guy who runs marketing and sales tech at a marketing tech company. Avid collector of swag.