After the Weekend Update – From SXSWi

We’re three days down with two more to go at SXSW 2012. Besides learning that drinking plenty of water throughout the day will infinitely help your hangover, and subsequently the chances of you making it to that 9:30 panel, what’s the smartest thing we’ve learned so far?

Register early – Registration for SXSW opens at 11:00 am on Thursday. This year more than ever, we found the huge advantage of getting to the convention center early to grab our badges. More and more attendees were forced inside due to the inclement weather, forcing some people to wait hours for their badge.

Don’t overlook the impact of Formula 1 – Geoff Moore from the Circuit of the Americas lead us through the newest Formula 1 technologies and their applications in everyday life during Formula 1: Driving Technology & Innovation. Beyond cutting-edge technology, Formula 1 represents a huge opportunity for marketers to connect with potential customers outside their local markets.  For the Austin race alone, 60 percent of season ticket requests are from over 200 miles away.

Get earned media links – Don’t be afraid to ask for media to link back to your site in earned placements. This simple advice from Danny Sullivan, Duane Forrester and Matt Cutts in their panel, Dear Google & Bing: Help Me Rank Better!, is invaluable for SEO and driving traffic back to your site.

Explain open vs. closed – Whether you’re trying to understand it yourself or explain the difference between open & closed systems to a client, Glenn Platt and Peg Faimon provided an easy-to-understand metaphor at their panel, Brand As API: Connect Differently.  Courtesy of Best Buy, this video comprehensively explains APIs. Think of closed as a board game; you can only play game with one set of rules. Open is more like a deck of cards; you have one set of data with many rules and games that can be applied to that.

  1. Take advantage of big data – During Netflix and Twitter: What’s Under the Hood, DataStax’s Matt Pfeil put Big Data in perspective: it’s not human made. In fact, every edit ever made to Wikipedia is around 200 GB. Twitter generates that same amount of operational data in about 25 minutes. We can now quantify data on a scale that wasn’t possible before representing immense opportunities for marketers.

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Update contributed by Sarah Barnes.

Anthony Figgins
Anthony Figgins

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