Serve the right videos to the right visitor at the right time

Here at Get Smart Content we love providing our customers the tools to help them better engage and connect with their site visitors! We’re always looking for bigger and better ways to enhance Get Smart Content’s audience personalization capabilities. That’s why we are teaming up with the analytics driven video hosting company Wistia, to combine our capabilities and give our customers targeting superpowers!

If you haven’t heard, Wistia is your ultimate web video hosting and sharing solution. Unlike other video hosting platforms, Wistia provides your business with video marketing tools that go well beyond a simple embed. Wistia is driven by detailed analytics that help you engage your customers using video in the most efficient manner. Their custom video analytics show you, in real time, where customers find your video most engaging, where they are clicking through and where they stop playing, allowing you to optimize your content and better engage your website visitors.

This brand new Get Smart Content + Wistia integration delivers the ability to serve targeted videos to your different audience segments. Our integration with Wistia’’s video hosting platform allows you to serve visitors video that best fit their needs and interests helping you better convert website leads into customers.

It just didn’’t seem right to launch this integration without a video. So, our awesome friends at Wistia created this great video that explains exactly what you can do with the new Get Smart Content + Wistia integration:

We want you to try out this new integration, so to help you do that, both Wistia and Get Smart Content are giving away free 30 days trials! All you have to do is sign up on our beta launch form and we’ll contact you with instruction on how to begin your free trial, plus we’ll give you a comprehensive walk-through of our product to help ensure your success.

Now get started serving the right video to the right visitor at the right time!

Anthony Figgins
Anthony Figgins

The guy who runs marketing and sales tech at a marketing tech company. Avid collector of swag.