3 Tips to Convert More Website Traffic

Would you like to increase your conversion and engagement rates? Here are 3 tips on how to convert more traffic.

Try out various calls-to-action based upon what an individual has already done on your site.
Have they already visited your blog? Suggest that they sign up for your emails. Are they members of your communities? Invite them to share with friends. Michael Angelo’s Gourmet Italian Meals uses Get Smart Content to do just this!

Invite customers to visit the store nearest to them.
If your site supports brand efforts and purchases made offline, geotarget website content to suggest visiting the closest location and provide a link to the map with store hours. Make it easy for your potential customers to find you. Get Smart Content allows marketers to easily geotarget visitors based upon their city, state, country, zip code, or DMA.

Provide content that your visitor can actually view.
With an increasing amount of web traffic coming from mobile browsers, marketers must provide content in formats that their visitors can see. Many organizations don’t have the resources to build out an entire mobile site, but by targeting mobile visitors with relevant calls to action that they can execute on their phones, we’re seeing marked success. Get Smart Content enables marketers to target mobile visitors – you can even provide different content to users based upon their phone type.

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Anthony Figgins
Anthony Figgins

The guy who runs marketing and sales tech at a marketing tech company. Avid collector of swag.