Every Page on Your Website Should be an Optimized Landing Page

Convert more visitors into leads by personalizing and embedding landing page content inside your most successful web pages. Not only will you simplify landing page management, you’ll see an improvement in clicks and conversions on every page of your site.

You already have highly trafficked pages. Make them more successful at driving engagement – getting visitors to accept your brand and engage by reading, clicking and converting. Those top trafficked pages are where you should use Smart Content to:

1.) Connect with the visitor on the landing message and drive them to convert

2.) Provide other targeted content and calls to action that allow the visitor to ease into your sales process instead of bouncing because you turned them off with a boxed in dead end landing page. If every page is personalized and optimized for conversions, visitors will spend more time on page, get to know your brand better, and increase likelihood of converting and decrease likelihood of bouncing because you provided content relevant to their inquiry.

The results of taking this Amazon-like approach to providing a relevant and targeted landing page experience instead of a dead end landing page is the difference of taking a customer centric perspective vs a self-centered perspective. The results are clearly seen when this was applied for the state of Louisiana.

Louisiana Reduced Total Cost Per Conversion By Half



Anthony Figgins
Anthony Figgins

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