Dynamic Facebook Content Drives Social ROI

As a marketer, you’re more than aware that Facebook has become an indispensable asset in your marketing and sales efforts. Social media platforms, such as Facebook, are key advertising and communication mediums that allow your company to advertise your products and services to an audience of over 800 million potential customers. Users come to your Facebook page because it is interactive, informational and in a format that is familiar to them. But how do you optimize your Facebook page’s ability to successfully prove return on the time investment it requires to successfully engage with social media fans?

Get Smart Content Integrates with Facebook

Just like the service Get Smart Content provides for websites, our integration with Facebook allows your company to personalize content for each visitor to your Facebook tabs. Whenever a user visits your tab, they are served content that pertains to their reason for visiting your page. If they have taken any action within the tab or have previously engaged with content on your website, Get Smart Content can use that information to personalize content on your Facebook tab.

Our integration with Facebook can also help improve website personalization. This digital body language regarding social engagement can be used to target website content as well. For example, if a user has already liked your Facebook page, don’t ask them to do so again on your website. Our integration with Facebook also supports targeted A/B testing between different content pieces in order to discover what the best possible content for each audience segment is.


By using the following four rules and segments, you can serve targeted content or calls-to-action to your Facebook visitors:

1. Previous Engagement– How has the user engaged with your Facebook or website? This is used for:

2. Geographic Location– Is the visitor located in a particular zip code, city, county, region, state or country? This is used for:

3. Number of Visits – Is this a first time visitor or do they come often? This is used for:

4. Time/Date/Day– When do visitors come to your Facebook page? This is used for:

Social Personalization Improves Social ROI

The new Facebook tab integration takes a huge leap toward bridging the gap between your social media interactions and web based conversions. As a marketer, this integration with Facebook allows you to drive actual business goals, i.e., conversions. If a visitor has been to your site and completed one of your goals, use that information to engage them with Facebook tab content or vice versa. The overall result is the ability to better guide leads down your sales funnel.

Are you interested in raising the CTR on your Facebook tabs, driving more traffic to your website, and taking the next step to optimize your Facebook page? Request a demo or visit our website to learn more about how our targeted content platform will help convert your Facebook traffic into sales and increase your return on your social investment.

Anthony Figgins
Anthony Figgins

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