B2B Checklist: Putting Your Customer First

As a B2B marketer, how many times have you heard the following?

With all of this noise in the marketing world, we sometimes forget what is most important to our customers: their needs and challenges. We’ve created a B2B checklist to help you better meet customers’ needs and pain points quickly and effectively.

1.    Are You Utilizing Your Site Traffic?

The only way to turn traffic into quality leads is to provide a dynamic site that is personalized to the individual site visitor’s needs. You must find out what is motivating visitors to click through and visit your site. Dive into your analytics and interview your existing customers to learn what they value, where they browse, who they trust and how they prefer to interact with a brand. After you know their motivations, utilize that knowledge to target a personalized experience that leaves a lasting, genuine impression.

2.    Are You Creating Content That Engages Your Audience?

It’s important to remember to NOT just create content for the sake of having content. Your blogs, whitepapers, case studies, infographics and all other marketing materials can be great resources for your consumers. By creating thoughtful, adaptable content and suggesting material that addresses your visitors’ needs and pain points, you make your brand a reliable and trusted outlet for information. This trust helps transform a visitor into a customer.

3.    Does Your Content Align With Your Customers Interests?

Test which website content is earning the best conversions by setting up A/B tests for your different audience segments in a addition to your default site content. With continued testing, you will be able to hone in what visually and mentally motivates your different audience personas – from images, to copy, to color and even engagement path.

 4.  Are Your CTAs Easy to Complete?

You don’t want to overwhelm your visitors by asking for too much information. By having easy to complete, or one-click call-to-actions, your visitor is more likely to take their engagement to the next level by completing an e-mail sign up featuring discounts and news,  providing their geographical info for nearest locations or connecting with you on social media. Clear and concise messaging increases the operation and enjoyment of your site, product and brand.

Don’t miss your opportunity to connect with consumers. Use data about your site visitors to optimize your current online marketing strategy to address today’s consumer’s needs.