Demand Gen In a Disappearing Sales Cycle [WHITEPAPER]

How to Maximize the Impact of Digital Marketing Campaigns

The sales cycle as we once knew it is disappearing. With ease of access to information, consumers today spend the majority of the purchase decision-making process on their own before ever engaging a sales representative. A recent study by Google and the CEB Marketing Council found that on average, consumers are 57% through the purchase decision-making process before their first conversation with sales.

The Disappearing Sales Process

 As a result, it is the task of the modern marketer to educate and guide these consumers during their research process with content that addresses their challenges and provides solutions. Marketing has revolutionized their tactics, creating relevant content targeted to various audience personas at their different stages of the purchase pathway across digital channels.

 In this whitepaper, we discuss how to maximize your existing marketing campaigns to extend the impact of email, marketing automation, search engine marketing and social outreach using web personalization. Click Here to Download the Whitepaper.

Demand Generation in a Disappearing Sales Cycle