Content Personalization for WordPress in 90 Days

personalization for WordPress

Your website visitors are not all the same. Content personalization for WordPress helps you engage each one.

Most marketers have been hearing that “Content is King” for so long that we hear it in our sleep.  That’s why almost 50% of companies have content marketing strategies.  And it’s true, to a point, but after the content production frenzy that’s been happening for the last few years, we’ve learned something important.  Not all content is created equally. That’s true not just for quality, but for relevance as well.  A beautifully written, informative piece of content delivered to the wrong audience represents a lost opportunity to connect meaningfully with a visitor.  The best way to get the right message to the right audience is by delivering content based on what is known, or can be inferred about each unique visitor.

Get Smart Content understands the challenge involved in achieving content personalization for WordPress sites and has developed a hassle free way to personalize your WordPress site in just 90 days.  Here’s how it works.

Audience Segmentation

We begin by analyzing the digital body language and interactions of your site visitors to understand your audience segments.  We work with you to create the personas of each set of visitors that will form the basis for your WordPress personalization. The following attributes can be used to “read” your visitors and create segments,


Get Smart Content offers integration with a variety of CRM, marketing automation and other platforms to take personalization for WordPress to a whole new level.  With integration, segments can be further defined using information like lead score, nurture stage and other data stored in your business applications.

Content Analysis

As we said, not all content is created equal, so we begin your personalization for WordPress project with an analysis of your content to see which stories and messages are resonating best with each of your segments.


Once we understand which content works best for driving conversions for each segment, we’ll begin implementation and deliver only the most applicable and engaging content for each of the different audience segments you serve.  Your visitors will get the right content for them at the right time.


If we find any gaps in content, we’ll help come up with a strategy to create new content that will appeal to each of your audience segments.  What’s more, overtime, Get Smart Content continually analizes the behavior of your visitors and provides more recommendations and refined target audience recommendations.  We even extend this analysis beyond the website to improve, email marketing, social media networking and paid media buys.

Content personalization for WordPress represents an opportunity to take your company’s #1 selling tool to a whole new level.  With Get Smart Content you get a partner who is ready to help you achieve success quickly and with ease.  Let’s get started today.