5 Reasons B2B Websites Should Have Custom Content for Mobile Visitors

shutterstock_184573700If you are having a difficult time justifying an investment in custom content for people who visit your website on a mobile device, have no fear. The math is on your side. There is overwhelming evidence to support your mobile responsiveness and custom content strategy. Here are the top reasons to create custom content for mobile visitors.

1 – The use of mobile devices for work is exploding

According to SecureEdge Networks, enterprise tablet adoption is predicted to grow by almost 50% per year. The company also found that 81% of Americans use their personal mobile de

vices for work.  According to research firm, IDG, 61% of B2B users will watch mobile videos relating to their work, while 57% will access work-related mobile content outside of business hours. There can be little doubt that a substantial number of visitors who come to your website will be doing so on a smartphone or tablet.

2 – Mobile visitors have high expectations

If a visitor comes to your website and doesn’t quickly see what they are looking for or is frustrated by the experience, there’s a 61% chance they will leave and go to a different website, according to Google’s Think Insights on Mobile. Think about that. “They will leave and go to a different website.” A poor mobile experience drives your audience to your competitors. Not good.

3 – Mobile and social go hand and hand

Most modern marketers have a strategy that involves social media. LinkedIn, in particular is a very effective tool for sharing engaging, business related content with your audience. A recent study by ComScore found that 55% of social media consumption happens on a mobile device.  There’s no sense undermining your social media efforts with an underwhelming experience on mobile.

4 – Google prefers sites that are optimized for mobile

Google’s Think Insights on Mobile reports that 48% of mobile website visits start with a search. Google considers mobile optimization when displaying search results for users on mobile devices. This means that if you want to rank high on search for mobile devices, which you do, you must practice mobile website optimization.

5 – Mobile visitors have different content needs than those on a PC

Mobile website optimization is more than just responsive design. Visitors using smartphones and tablets have different needs than those sitting at a desk on a PC.  Delivering custom content for B2B mobile visitors gives you the opportunity to prioritize content that might be most important to visitors on the go. More than their PC using counterparts, mobile visitors want content that is easy to scan quickly. They want summaries of what they can expect on a page and simple calls to action. They are less likely to fill out long forms, if they’ll fill one out at all, and they are more frequently looking for contact information.

It’s safe to say that doing work on mobile devices isn’t a fad. If anything, it is quickly becoming the default method for finding and consuming business related information. Don’t leave the mobile audience to your competitors.  Develop a strategy to provide an optimized experience for every visitor on every device.