Rockwell Automation uses Bound to Enable Cross-Channel Personalization

If your company offers a wide range of products ranging in price point and function, you most likely have a variety of clients and prospects each with differing interests and priorities. According to Demandbase, 80% of website visitors will abandon a site in less than 5 seconds. From a marketing and demand gen perspective, it is therefore crucial to identify and segment your varied website visitors, target each segment with content you already have, and successfully serve relevant messaging to each visitor that encounters your homepage. Website personalization is the solution to the challenging task of keeping your website visitors engaged – known or anonymous, current customer or prospect – and to ultimately converting them on site.

Rockwell Automation is a global provider of industrial automation products, services, and solutions. With clients across 18 distinct verticals, it serves the manufacturing market with a breadth of products from multi-million dollar control systems for entire manufacturing lines to individual push buttons that turn the systems on and off.

Rockwell Automation used Bizo’s display advertising solution and Get Smart Content to target three audience segments that were a fit for their Midrange Architecture System. Across the three targeted segments, Rockwell increased traffic to the Midrange Architecture System product pages by 23X and saw conversion rates increase from an average of 5% to 28% when visitors saw a relevant content experience.

Read more about Rockwell’s strategy here.

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