Personalization at Scale

Let’s go fishing.
Bet that’s not how you expected this blog to start out.
But really – imagine you’re out on a lake filled with extremely picky fish. You’ve got a tackle box full of different bait intentionally selected for each species of fish you want to catch. But, because your rod only has one line, you’re serving one kind of bait at a time, thus attracting one type of fish at a time.

As a result, you’re neglecting all the other fish out there that you could be bringing aboard! If at the end of the day, your goal is to bring as many fish home with you as possible, one line with one kind of bait is not an ideal set-up.onelineonebait

However, what if, with one rod, you could cast multiple lines? What if each line served unique bait to its respective type of fish as they approached? You’d catch a lot more fish that way, right!?

The fishing rod is your website, a line is a version of your homepage, bait is content, and fish are website visitors. Similar to how serving unique bait to a specific fish at the right time will decrease the number of fish that turn away and increase the number of fish you catch, website personalization serves a targeted experience, to a specific audience segment, in real-time, resulting in decreased bounce rates and increased conversions.

Now imagine that @ scale…
How many different kinds of fish are you trying to lure? In other words, how many different audience segments are you trying to appeal to? If you only have 2 or 3 segments, then baiting 2 or 3 different lines wouldn’t be too tedious. But what if you want to catch 10, 20, or even 50 different species of fish? Baiting all those lines would take forever. And let’s be honest, you didn’t bring enough sunscreen for that.

What if all you had to do was bait one line? And as each fish approached the boat, the lines baited themselves with the corresponding bait for each species. Sounds like you’d have more free time for a cold beer or two.

Our dynamic content feature can now do just that. No, it won’t make you the best fisherman on the lake, but it could make you the demand gen wiz you’ve always wanted to be. With Get Smart Content, you can send personalized messages to as many audience segments as you want, and you only have to create one piece of content to do so.

For example, let’s say you want to serve this greeting message on your homepage to site visitors:

“Hi [company name], how is the weather in [location]?”

Thanks to our deep integrations, the data will fill in each [blank] with the appropriate information for each site visitor.

“Hi [Disney World], how’s the weather in [Florida]?”

If you’re trying to lure 50 fish you don’t have to bait 50 hooks unique to each one. If you’re trying to attract 50 prospects you don’t have to create 50 pieces of content unique to each.

Here’s another application: Let’s say your website serves the following fly-in message: “Questions? We’d love to chat with you!”, and it links to your company’s generic contact email address.

Your company’s list of prospective accounts are divided by region. Sales guy, Evan, has the east and sales lady, Wanda, has the west.

Personalization at scale allows you to serve this fly-in to accounts in the east: “Questions? Evan would love to chat with you!”, and it would link to Evan’s email address. Meanwhile, accounts in the west would see: “Questions? Wanda would love to chat with you!”, and it would link to Wanda’s email address.

Real talk: 
Get Smart Content enables you to dynamically serve content based on any category of data that your marketing automation platforms already pull! Serve personalized messages at scale in the form of modals, fly-ins, banners, and embedded content. Just create one piece of content and the blanks fill themselves in. These can be filled in with location, company name, industry, seniority, or job function.

Website personalization at scale serves relevant experiences that are better integrated into the way your customers naturally engage with you. Your prospects, customers, even employees, don’t seek out individual landing pages, they visit your homepage. From an Account-Based Marketing perspective, personalization at scale is a game-changer because you are now able to effortlessly target your long list of defined accounts.