Grapevine CVB Achieves Triple Digit Percentage Increase in Ticket Sales

Every destination has their own recurring festivals, concerts, and events that each attract visitors from a particular location or a specific visitor persona. Destination marketers promote their local attractions year after year to excite interest in their target audience and exceed ticket sales expectations.

Grapevine CVB, also known as the Christmas Capital of Texas, utilized personalization on their website to effectively promote the North Pole Express (NPX) attraction that runs for 4 weekends every Christmas season. The digital marketing team at Visit Grapevine chose to serve a site-wide modal 2 weeks prior to the on-sale date to create buzz for the NPX tickets. They served the modal to their target audience: local and drive market visitors. When the tickets became available, the modal directed people to a landing page where visitors could purchase tickets.

The results were unprecedented. First day visits to the NPX landing page increased 1,073%, and first day ticket sales were up 873% from last year. 50% of the trains were sold out by September, compared to only 18% last year.

Read more details about the Grapevine CVB modal campaign here.

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Leigh Brown
Leigh Brown

In addition to serving as the in-house gif-master, Leigh runs marketing programs like they're going out of style.