M-Files Cuts Through Hype to Partner with ABM Activator Bound

On October 2, 2017, Get Smart Content rebranded to Bound. The below post has been updated to reflect this change.

Last year M-Files, a global enterprise content management (ECM) company, decided it was time to learn more about the hot trend of Account-Based Marketing. As Todd McVeigh, M-Files Search and Social Media Marketing Manager, quickly discovered while researching ABM vendors, separating substance from hype is a challenge.

“We found that when you have something like ABM, that’s sort of the flavor of the month, everybody claims to do ABM – whether it’s ABM or not,” McVeigh said.

One vendor did more than just make bold claims. That’s why M-Files decided to partner with Bound, a powerful, out-of-the-box digital personalization solution, as the centerpiece of its new ABM strategy.

Bound allows customers to identify anonymous web traffic based on behavioral and buyer intent, and combines those insights with professional profile data from an exclusive partnership with LinkedIn. Customers then can ensure a relevant digital experience for its website visitors that improves engagement and conversion rates. That kind of one-to-one personalization is crucial in ABM, where businesses concentrate their efforts on high-value customers with targeted messaging.

For M-Files, it also was the answer to a vexing problem. The company’s innovative software enables businesses of all sizes to manage their content in the most efficient and secure manner. McVeigh, though, had become concerned that the content the company produced wasn’t effectively reaching the right potential customers. He was searching for a more focused engagement strategy that put relevant information directly in front of potential customers.

“We’ve got a lot of great content,” said McVeigh, who runs inbound marketing efforts at M-Files. “We wanted to surface the content that was buried within our site structure and bring it forward in an intelligent manner based on who is coming to our site.”

That’s why M-Files turned to Bound. One example of how McVeigh envisions Bound driving value will be seen on the M-Files homepage – a key entry point for website traffic. Bound ensures that a person from a specific industry and with a particular job role will see resources tailored to their use case and stage in the buyer’s journey. This means potential customers won’t be searching throughout the website for content relevant to them. McVeigh expects this to provide huge benefits to M-Files by lowering bounce rates and lifting conversion rates.

“Our thinking was, ‘Why try to remarket to these people after they’ve left the site and chase them around the Internet?’” McVeigh explained. “Why couldn’t we do it on their first visit? That’s where Bound comes in. We’re matching the content and the messaging to where they are in the sales cycle. That’s really how we wanted to holistically approach an ABM strategy.”

M-Files conducted a thorough vetting process of ABM solutions and found that while many companies talk about personalization, only Bound delivered on that promise in a flexible manner that best met their needs.

Throughout the evaluation process, Jay Schwandt, Enterprise Sales Director at Bound, did more than show the product’s capabilities to the M-Files team. He became a trusted advisor on how website personalization could become a key driver for the overall ABM strategy at M-Files.

McVeigh said M-Files also was intrigued by Bound’s connection with LinkedIn. The company had been using LinkedIn targeted ads for about three years. But in 2016, M-Files began to see a declining number of highly qualified leads that were converting into opportunities and pipeline. So reversing that trend was a catalyst for the company’s interest in ABM – and ultimately Bound.

“We wanted to figure out how to make the inbound programs generate more lead volume and more qualified leads without spending a ton more money,” he said.

M-Files has a considerable amount of website traffic, but wanted to improve conversion rates, McVeigh added. If M-Files is able to increase conversions among those anonymous visitors to the site, “that’s a game-changer for us,” he added. It would also validate the ABM strategy of customized messaging – fueled by Bound.

“Now we can get the best of all worlds in being able to connect all of our data sets and then be able to deliver real-time personalization across our site in a very intelligent and cost-effective manner,” McVeigh said.