Nurture Bey-ond Email to Accelerate Pipeline

Ahhhh, the email nurture series. This utopian view of a prospect downloading a marketing asset, engaging with the content, waiting with bated breathe for the next carefully crafted content to hit their inbox precisely seven days later. We expect the amazing content to push them past our MQL threshold, where an anxiously awaiting SDR qualifies them and passes a meeting along to a hungry account exec who masterfully helps the prospect solve their burning business challenge – ringing the gong just moments later.

Yeah, right.

I wish every email nurture outcome was that simple. As we all know, the buyer’s journey is far messier and involves many more people and perspectives. In the real world, many of the folks in a buying committee will never fill out a form and see your beautifully crafted nurture series.

So how can marketing further support the sales process to create a faster buyer’s journey? Especially when some decision makers, gatekeepers and influencers are unknown? We suggest going beyond email nurture to impact the buying committee where they already are: on your website.

Here’s how web nurture works

First, you create a personalization program to detect web visitors who work at a company with an open opportunity. The key is leveraging technology that detects the company of a web visitor, whether or not that web visitor is a known lead in your system. Once the visitor’s company is detected, the company is cross referenced with your CRM or MAP to see if this company has an open opportunity.

So let’s say Beyonce is a known lead in an active deal cycle and visits your website. What if your website guided her to the most appropriate content piece at her stage in the buyer’s journey? Now what if Jay Z, who, according to your website, is an anonymous visitor, starts checking out your site? You can’t risk serving him a generic experience. Capitalize on this opportunity to present him with relevant messaging that will influence the influencer and accelerate this open opportunity through the pipeline. Rest assured, the two of them talk, so you’ll want to ensure each of their experiences are tailored, yet consistent.

A few other instances in which web nurture can add value to your marketing efforts:

How could nurturing beyond email help you accelerate your pipeline?