Audience Insights Shed Light on the Mariana Trench of Webpages

Some webpages are just buried so deep–Mariana Trench deep–in a corporate website that it can be hard to imagine the benefits of audience insights and personalization.

Does this sound familiar? You are a marketer responsible for a webpage deep in the trenches of a corporate site structure. The page sees decent traffic. You bet that it’s the right people. Who else would make it to these depths? Still, the assumption that it’s the right audience is nagging at you. Given that it must be the right audience, you are feeling about 15,750 psi of pressure to improve your conversion metrics.

Personalization is all the rage in modern marketing, but you struggle to identify how it could help your deep page. What could you possibly do to increase engagement if you’re already delivering a specific message to a specific audience?

See what Jenny discovers about the impact of audience insights and personalization on the Mariana Trench of webpages in the ocean of a corporate website.

Shedding the Light

Jenny, Enterprise Customer Success Manager at Get Smart Content, got in the trenches to tackle these questions and discovered surprising results.

First, Jenny gathered information on who was visiting the deep page. Get Smart Content has an exclusive partnership with LinkedIn to understand your anonymous audience by job role, company size and industry. The analysis showed that the deep page’s visitors consisted of both the expected narrow target market as well as a more general audience.

Next, Jenny and the client developed a comprehensive engagement strategy. The strategy included a broader default message for the general audience, and a highly specific message for their target market. The anticipation built while Jenny and the client waited for results to come in.

This large B2B enterprise software company earned 71% more conversions through shedding light on and engaging the audience of this deep page!

See how an enterprise software company partnered with @GetSmartContent to drive +71% conversions on a deep page

71% increase in conversions on a deep page…think what personalization could do for the whole ocean!