How well do you really know your web audience? Does it matter?

Effective personalization is all about understanding your customers from many angles – not just knowing one or two things about them. An ideal customer profile (ICP) has to include more than just company and industry. People are motivated by more than where they work. What if you could know the job role and the intent of your web audience?

It is an exceptionally challenging task to identify and profile your audience to drive targeted messaging when over 95% of your web audience remains anonymous. B2B organizations have found that marketing automation platforms are useful for segmenting and targeting known prospects.

However, connecting with anonymous visitors in a contextual way requires access to data. Ideal data coverage includes all attributes used to define buyer personas, including elements such as industry, seniority, job function and interests. It is critical to look for a personalization partner that can provide intelligence and supplement your data.

Introducing 360 Persona Technology™

We’re experts at connecting multiple data sets – yours, ours, and any third party data. We combine all of that to form your ideal customer profile. This is crucial in developing an effective marketing strategy, and makes it easier for us to help you know who else you should target.

Previously, marketers were only able to build profiles based on basic demographic and firmographic data. Get Smart Content is the first to expand profiling to include both intent-based and role-based insights. Our 360 Persona Technology™ empowers marketers to discover and connect with ALL of their audience using customized, multidimensional segments out-of-the-box. Our platform delivers powerful insights by combining data on known audience and anonymous audience, leveraging exclusive data partnerships with LinkedIn and Bombora, and connections to many more data sources.

If you’re interested in a 360° view of your audience, check out this sample Audience Insights Report.


Not ready to get a 360° view of your web audience? Learn more about how our partnership with Bombora is empowering the next generation of marketing personalization with intent-based insights.