The Power of Visual Storytelling with UGC

Storytelling to resonate with the heart of your web audience is a powerful way to influence their purchase decisions. This is especially true for destination marketers who are looking into attracting travelers. More and more destination marketers are tapping into the power of user generated content (UGC) in the form of images and videos. These crowdsourced assets are curated into an authentic gallery that resonates with interested visitors. Let’s take a look at why visual storytelling through UGC is an effective marketing tactic, and what it means for the travel industry.

1. Modern consumers are visual decision makers.

According to CrowdRiff, a visual marketing platform that allows marketers to access a collection of crowdsourced visual assets, 60% of consumers are more likely to consider a business whose images appear in local search results. Photos are clearly an essential asset utilized in destination marketing. The savviest destination marketers choose to take this to the the next level by displaying content from actual visitors to their destination. This strategy allows interested visitors to get an authentic view of what their travel experience could be like.

2. User generated content helps establish a destination’s credibility.

According to a study by Elon University, 65% of consumers trust word-of-mouth on the web more than content produced by advertisers. This shows that it’s important to push web content with an authentic voice to gain the trust of consumers. UGC is an ideal source to generate word-of-mouth for travel marketers because it comes from people who have actually visited the destination.

Many of our Travel & Tourism customers use CrowdRiff to curate UGC galleries on their websites. Our partnership with CrowdRiff allows these destination marketers to segment their web audience by different data sets and serve a CrowdRiff gallery specific to what we know about them.

Crowdriff + Get Smart Content

For example, Explore Branson segments their web audience based on previous behavior onsite. For visitors interested in outdoor activities, the gallery features photos by outdoorsy people who are exploring caves, hiking, fishing, among other activities available in Branson. For visitors in the golf segment, images of people enjoying Branson’s world-class golf courses are displayed. Visual content resonates with people, and we know that. But why serve a generic gallery, when you can show them a gallery directly related to their interests of things to do or places to see in your destination? Serving personalized experiences is proven to increase onsite engagement.

It takes art to reach the heart of your audience. UGC galleries allow destination marketers to weave genuine moments into a story of adventure, excitement, and memories worth sharing. Find out how your peers are engaging travelers with personalization and user generated content in a webinar with Crowdriff here.