Is Email Your Trojan Horse to Web Personalization?

Email continues to be the go-to channel for B2B marketers to drive engagement. Have a webinar coming up? Build a target list in your favorite marketing automation platform and fire away. Upcoming product launch? Segment and send! Sure, other marketing channels such as media and web are important, but email still reigns king as the backbone of our demand strategy. Part of its success is because you can carefully segment your list builds and trigger a response from prospects so easily. It strikes a great balance between targeting, scale, and ease of implementation.

For all its awesomeness, email has one fatal flaw: the majority of people don’t even open your email messages! According to, the average open rate for emails is 24.7% and the average click-through rate is 3.42%. Those open and click-through rates ultimately determine the ceiling for how successful email as a channel can be in driving your marketing programs. People miss your email for a variety of reasons: they were too busy that day, they felt the subject line didn’t resonate with them, or they meant to read it later and it got lost in an email folder and they never returned to it.

What if you could engage more of your email recipient list than only the people who opened your emails?

You’re already halfway there

Web personalization answers the call. Here’s how it works: the email itself is a trigger for a prospect to engage with your marketing program, but what if your website could dynamically detect when an email recipient visits? For example, if someone from your webinar target list visits the website, automatically present them with the option to register on a fly-in or on the homepage hero.

Modern web personalization solutions such as Bound, can connect to your marketing automation platform and leverage your existing segmented email lists. You can easily create promotional web programs for visitors who are part of that segment. This allows you to go from reaching only one in four folks in your segment due to the open rate challenges, to reaching anyone who also visits your website.

Moreover, average email unsubscribe rates are 0.5%, meaning every email send costs you in unsubscribes and impacts your future sends. Conversely, email programs extended through web personalization have no unsubscribe problem, so you only have an upside on your program adoption.

Lead them on…

Email to web personalization programs can apply to our usual batch and blast emails, but also to our nurture emails. For example if a prospect downloads the first piece of content in your nurture series, why wait until a week later for them to receive your second nurture email? If they visit your website between the two sends, present them with the next content piece onsite and accelerate your inquiry to marketing qualified lead (MQL) timeline.

What’s the next email you are going to send and how many prospects from that segment do you think will also visit your website? Could you engage clients further with email programs and web personalization?