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The Fundamentals of Website Personalization Strategy [Part 2 of 6]

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By Mary Clare Davis
M12 15, 2017

Welcome to our six-part series on building a successful website personalization strategy. We will publish a new post each week. Sign up for our newsletter to get updates!

In the last post, we talked about the importance of having a website personalization strategy. In this post, we tackle setting a goal.

What business challenge are you trying to solve with personalization?

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.”
–Cheshire Cat in Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

As we talk with marketers about their web challenges, this phrase often comes to mind. To develop a web personalization strategy, it’s essential to determine where you want to go. Otherwise, how will you know if you ever get there?

Marketers’ biggest challenge is often determining where to focus their attention. While many executives are told to simply grow revenue, marketers need to dig a bit deeper to align personalization strategies with business priorities.

If at all possible, it is wise to base your personalization strategies on the priorities your business has already defined. The benefits are three-fold: 1) you don’t have to internally sell a new goal, 2) personalization becomes a part of your plan, not something that competes with existing goals, and 3) your organization will care about your outcomes.

Don’t have the clearest business priorities? There are plenty of other methods for setting a personalization strategy:

Examine your lead-to-revenue chain for the weakest link. Do you need to get more of the right audience, increase engagement, qualify leads faster, close more deals or close deals faster?

Determine exactly how you plan to grow revenue. Will your growth come from increasing qualified lead volume, entering new markets, expanding existing accounts, introducing new products or cross-selling existing products?

Identify where you invest the most time or money. Is your investment in content meeting expected payoffs, are your events or webinars getting enough attendance, or could you get more out of your paid media investments?

Most Frequent Solutions

Among our customers, these are the most common solutions pursued to solve pressing business challenges:

  • Conversion Optimization – Do you need to convert more of your web traffic into inquiries to grow the top of your revenue funnel?
  • Pipeline Acceleration – Does your sales team need help converting open pipeline deals to closed-won opportunities?
  • Audience Verification – Is your media team struggling to validate if their media spend is actually engaging key personas on your website?
  • Post-purchase Marketing – Do you need to drive more upsell, cross-sell, or renewal opportunities after a purchase?
  • Site Engagement – Is your website struggling to keep web visitors engaged with the content you have already created?
  • Account Based Marketing – Do you have a specific list of accounts you are trying to grow, and struggle to identify and engage them?
  • Branding & Customer Experience – Are you trying to improve customer satisfaction or improve your brand reputation?

Each of these solutions are unique and need different tactics. Much like the Cheshire Cat advised Alice, you simply need to develop a strategy with a business challenge in mind.


About the personalization strategy series

In this multi-part blog series, we’ll break down each of these five critical elements to building a website personalization strategy. In the next post, we’ll talk through determining how to solve those business challenges.

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