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Is Your Personalization Missing These 5 Geo-Targeting Strategies?

Picture of the author, Adriana Escalante
By Adriana Escalante
M09 17, 2019

It’s a sunny Thursday afternoon, at the end of summer. Do you know where your website visitors are?

If your answer is yes, you’re steps ahead of many marketing teams. Knowing the geo-location of your site traffic can help to inform site content and allow you the opportunity to cater site messaging to specific geo-locations using personalization.

But, often times, marketers have a shallow understanding of their geo audiences. Most marketers know the general geographic make-up of their visitors, but usually they stop their geo-targeting after a quick glance at Google Analytics.

I’m here to tell you there’s more- MUCH MORE- to geo-targeted personalization. And, it’s not as tricky as you might think! Let’s start with:

What visitors are already on your site?

Throughout your personalization journey, Google Analytics will continuously serve as a compass to help guide your strategy. And, there is no better way to start considering your geo-markets than by referencing the Geo tab under Audience. This resource may tell you a little bit that you already know. Like, of course, your top geo-markets are probably cities/states in close proximity. But, you could also learn something new about the visitors coming to your site. Like crikey, who knew your destination had so much traffic from Australia? Deciding the messaging for your visitors is another beast in itself, but it’s important to first identify your existing audiences so you can start personalizing to them.

What cities are you targeting in your other marketing channels?

Driving down the highway in Austin, Texas, you won’t  get too far without seeing a billboard or a bus placard for another destination (I see you, Fort Worth). Or, hearing a destination’s sponsored ad on the radio (what’s up, St. Pete!). DMOs are constantly using geo-targeting in their other marketing channels, but are you mimicking that marketing on your site? If you’re specifically targeting another city or state with messaging about your destination, make sure to continue that messaging when those visitors land on your website!

Are there direct flights to your destination? 

What’s a great way to get more visitors to your destination? Make getting there as easy as possible! And what’s easier than a direct flight? Visitors from areas offering direct flights to your destination are a great group to target with personalized messaging. And unfortunately, these visitors are often overlooked by marketers. If a trip from City A to your destination is as easy as a direct flight, you better get the word out! Booking a trip gets a lot easier (and more desirable) if no plane changes are involved.

Are you geo-targeting with paid media?

Oh, paid media. It makes some marketers smile and others shudder. It can bring excited new visitors to your site but can also introduce an onslaught of low-engaging traffic. Love it or hate it, paid media is here to stay. So, why not make the most of your current paid strategy? If you have paid media hitting certain geo-locations, it’s essential that you account for those geo-locations in your personalization strategy. This does not need to be difficult or time consuming. Simply put, if you’re targeting Sunnydale, CA(for example) in your paid strategy, you better be targeting those visitors on site too!

Do you have articles written for certain geo-locations?

As they say in the biz, content is king. The right content can lead a potential visitor to book a trip to your destination while the wrong content can make a visitor decide that your destination is not for them. Editorial pieces, blog posts, and stories are fantastic ways to build long-form marketing content, showing-off your destination to potential visitors. And a trend we’ve seen lately, is for destinations to publish content about trips from specific Geo-Locations. Sometimes it’s a blog post about a road trip, other times it’s a video following a visitor from a specific city. Whatever the format, it’s important to account for those geo visitors in your personalization strategy. Whether your desire is to lead those site visitors to a landing page full of personalized content or if it’s simply to push them to the blog post you’ve written for them, setting up segmentation and personalization for this group is key. Plus, if you’ve spent time writing about their journey, you want to make sure that content is easy for them to access and engage with!

While reading through this list, some of these key geo-targeted segments might resonate with your DMO. Others may not. The important takeaway is that your geo-targeted personalization strategy should be as robust as your destination! To speak to a diverse audience, you must target diversely. And a great place to start, is with geo-targeting!

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