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Bound’s 2020 Travel Resolutions

Picture of the author, Ali Nichols
By Ali Nichols
M01 23, 2020

Can you believe we’re halfway into January already? As we move from thinking about our new year resolutions to actually starting to live them, our team has been reflecting upon our own travel related resolutions for the year. Working in the DMO space, it’s impossible not to dream about all the amazing places we would love to visit.

We hope you enjoy reading about our travel goals and are inspired to make your own travel resolutions!

Ali’s resolution: Take a honeymoon

After our wedding happened at the end of November, it’s been a blur of holiday travel. We’re finally getting a chance to catch up, which mostly means writing ‘thank you’ cards and questioning why I thought registering for more towels was a good idea (seriously – how many towels did I think two people need?) We’re also turning our attention to dreaming aloud about our honeymoon, which we purposefully held off on planning so we could give it our full attention. We’re torn now between renting a car and driving up the coast from San Fransisco to Seattle, or doing an Amtrak through the Cascade mountains. We need to make a decision soon, but it’s been fun to daydream all our future travel wishes!

Post-wedding, ready to nap for several days and THEN plan a honeymoon trip.

Jared’s resolution: Leave the house

As we expect our first kid in March we are not planning any travel at least by plane in the near future, and hopefully we can get out to nearby parks and the beach in between diaper shopping trips. We may make some road trips later in the year to introduce the new member of the family to other members in other parts of California. Maybe by the end of the year or next year we will build up the courage to attempt a flight to visit friends and family who are more spread out.

Mary Clare’s resolution: Summer in the mountains

There are many reasons to love living in Austin, but the temperature in July and August is not one of them. Every summer, when the thermometers start rising, my husband and I start talking about how “one summer we need to just leave when we get to triple digits.” That’s especially the case now that we have small children – we can only stay in the a/c for so long before we all get a little stir crazy. So this year, my travel resolution is to actually plan an escape to the mountains and cooler weather during those long weeks of 100+ degrees.

The first thing MC will do this summer: sing it from the mountains!

Adriana’s resolution: The great American road trip

Last year I hacked my way to a Southwest companion pass which meant almost monthly trips around the United States. I visited new parts of the country and it was WONDERFUL. This year, I no longer have a companion pass (SAD) and my Frequent Flyer Miles dwindled quickly with so many trips. So this year, instead of flying around the country like some sort of Southwest celeb, I’m in the preliminary stages of planning a good ol’ fashioned American road trip, a la National Lampoon’s Vacation (hopefully sans Aunt Edna trouble). I’d like to go through South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota, hitting up any and all National Parks that I pass through.

Abbey’s bags are packed (full of treats) for her road trip!

Jessica’s resolution: Go somewhere new

Because of his packed professional wrestling schedule, my boyfriend doesn’t have a lot of downtime for vacation. For the last few years we have been hitting our same favorite destinations (aka Las Vegas) over and over again. This year, the goal is to go to at least one brand new area. We haven’t really started looking yet, but if a city has both a professional baseball team (for him) and cool theme park or historical spot (for me), it’d be high on the list!

Jessica’s boyfriend Rob is DEFINITELY going to need a vacation after this.

Taylor’s resolution: Take a trip my 8-month old won’t remember

Unlike Mary Clare, I appreciate the summer heat. Who knew you could be so used to 100+ temps that jeans are still “summer appropriate”? I, however, hate the cold, so we’re escaping this brutal Texas winter next week and taking a family trip to San Diego. We first visited San Diego when my son was 8 months old, and now that our daughter is 8 months, it’s only fitting that she gets to experience San Diego (especially the zoo) when she won’t remember a thing.

Taylor and family at the San Diego zoo! They hope to wrangle two kids this year to recreate this photo this year.

Wherever your travels take you in 2020, we hope it’s a wonderful journey. We’re very grateful for our amazing clients who not only inspire us to travel, but help make it a possibility.

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