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Treat Yo Self: Bound Celebrates “Plan A Solo Vacation Day”

Picture of the author, Jessica Cameron
By Jessica Cameron
M02 24, 2020

Here at Bound, it’s fair to say that we’re pretty obsessed with travel – we can’t get enough of working with DMOs to ensure their web visitors have the personalized information they need to plan the best trip possible.  But this also comes with its own challenges, mainly that we’re constantly daydreaming about our next vacations.  In honor of “Plan A Solo Vacation Day” on March 1st, we’re excited to share our own solo vacations, both ones we’ve already enjoyed and those we’re still planning!

Cameron: Seattle, Washington

As much as Cameron enjoys solo trips to the PNW, he also enjoys trips with his fiancé!

I reached out to a close friend who moved to Washington that I hadn’t seen in years. Conversation led to his plans to plan a weekend in Seattle to watch San Antonio FC’s (Football Club re: Soccer) first televised game and catch a Seattle Sounders game. Sounded like an incredibly fun weekend and he mentioned if I had the money and the time I should try to come up and join them in Seattle. This was the first trip I would ever plan solely by myself and I was terrified. I didn’t know where to look for flights or how to book lodging or even really what steps were necessary to get to Seattle. I reached out to friends who I knew traveled often for advice and researched hard online for what to expect. This knowledge really helped calm me down and the trip was a truly enjoyable experience, basically a 3-day adult sleepover in Seattle. We spent an entire day in the Museum of Pop Culture, which is an incredible place I cannot recommend highly enough. We roamed through local urban breweries in preparation for the Sounders game in the shadow of Mt. Rainier. The entire experience was wonderful and being 100% responsible for my travel plans taught me the #1 rule of all travel, especially solo travel: Don’t Panic.

Jared: Month long road trip from San Francisco to NYC

Jared staring out longingly at the beautiful scenery on his trip.

I didn’t enjoy my job or living in Indianapolis, so I resigned and decided to check out SF as it was on my list of places to live and ended up road tripping for a month. I only stayed in hotels 3 nights out of the month, one of which was a Motel 1 in Albuquerque run by vampires, lost my debit card in Arkansas, won $700 playing roulette in Tunica, and couldn’t decide if I should buy a churro or a kitten from a vendor selling both on the subway in NYC to celebrate my 25th birthday. Austin wasn’t even on my radar but friends and random people in San Diego, Phoenix, and Moab said I had to check it out. I ended up moving and stayed for almost 10 years before moving to San Diego to be closer to family.

Jessica: Austin, Texas

Jessica also treated herself to some new shades for her solo vacation – she was super excited.

I had been working in the DC area for a few years when the opportunity to relocate to Austin came up. I had never been to Texas and wanted to check it out before making a decision. I had an upcoming family vacation to Vegas, so I extended my time off by a few days to then head over to Austin by myself. I arrived in Austin in August in the blazing heat, which honestly I was okay with because I hate being cold and DC had been having a lot of dreary, rainy days. My main questions when I landed were centered around food, shopping, and was it easier to navigate than DC. I spent two days making my way from one corner of the sprawling city to another, checking out shopping areas, eating at whatever random spot I found, and driving all the main roads. I loved how Austin didn’t feel like a big city, and despite doing no research beforehand every single place I stopped to eat was delicious. There were gorgeous views and I could not get enough of the warmth, spending several hours either at the pool or chilling at a porch bar. I left Austin happy, refreshed, and ready to move. In retrospect though I would do more pre-trip planning for my next solo vacation, as I somehow managed to miss all the restaurants that are now my Austin favorites.

Ali: Reykjavik, Iceland

So cold, but so so happy at one of South Iceland’s bazillion waterfalls.

I visited Iceland several years ago with a good friend and it was truly as magical as I had been told. I’ve been daydreaming about a return trip from the moment I left! We spent the week exploring the truly epic scenery of black sand beaches, swimming pools tucked into mountains and icy glaciers – there was something intimately peaceful about how small the landscape made you feel. We enjoyed adventuring hiking trails with instructions such as, “if you feel like you’re going to the wrong way, then you’re actually going the right way.” But my favorite moments may have been enjoying Reykjavik as a local might: spending time reading in coffee shops, digging through treasures at a city-wide flea market, wandering through the many book stores and main library (at the time, Iceland had the most authors per capita and most books read per capita!) and enjoying a live jazz quartet at Harpa, the gorgeous concert hall with views of both mountains and ocean. If I plan a solo trip, I imagine my itinerary would be much the same – my hardest choice would be agonizing over just how many books to pack with me!

Adriana: Bali, Indonesia

Adriana can’t WAIT to insert herself into all things Bali.

Full disclosure, I haven’t been on a solo vacation yet. In the past, I’ve preferred traveling with small groups or with just one other person so I can enjoy the experience with others. That said, I absolutely see the appeal and am considering adding a solo vacation to my yearly bucket list. One trip I’ve wanted to take for a while is to Bali, Indonesia. It seems to have a little of everything- beaches, great food, cultural hot spots, and friendly people. I would probably try to stay for a week or two and visit a few temples between beach excursions. Plus, as someone who eats mostly vegetarian, the growing number of veggie-friendly options is definitely a plus!

We hope you’re inspired to plan your own solo vacation – wherever this year takes you, we hope it will be fun, safe and a time to treat yo self! We’d love to chat with you more if you have any recommendations for solo trip planning or questions about how to personalize for solo travelers.

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