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20 Common Questions We’re Answering in 2020

Picture of the author, Jessica Cameron
By Jessica Cameron
M03 2, 2020

Working with so many different destinations gives us unique insight into trends across the travel space.  As we have entered a new decade, marketers are starting to question whether long-standing website tactics and measurements are still effective.  We often get questions not only on personalization, but what other DMOs are doing and tracking on their website in general. 

Some of the most common questions we get:

  • Are my website engagement metrics still on par with my DMO peers?
  • What are new strategies to keep ad visitors on site?
  • Do we have as much mobile traffic as other DMOs?
  • Is anybody else still focused on eNewsletter signup?
  • Are other DMOs seeing drops in engagement year over year?
  • What are common ways to show how personalization impacts KPIs?
  • How can I make the most of my media spend?
  • What click through rate should I expect for a homepage hero?
  • Is embedded or overlay content more successful?
  • Is click through rate the best indicator of success?
  • When should I use A/B tests?
  • What type of visitors should I target with personalization? 
  • What type of visitor groups respond best to personalization?
  • Should I focus on groups that already have higher website engagement?
  • How can I identify areas of interest for visitors as soon as they enter the website?
  • Are other DMOs restricting ad visitor personalization to individual landing pages?
  • When should I use a modal versus a fly-in?
  • Where on the screen should I position fly-in content?
  • Should I target visitors on mobile devices or stick to desktop?
  • How frequently should I measure performance?

If you find yourself pondering similar questions, good news!  We’re excited to announce that this month we’ll be sharing our 2020 State of Personalization report, answering these questions and more!  Watch your inbox in the next few weeks for the report, or if you would like to schedule a personal briefing on our findings and strategy recommendations, contact us today. 

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