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Missed Connections: Engaging Target Accounts that See Your Ads but Didn’t Click

Picture of the author, Cameron McClure
By Cameron McClure
M01 5, 2021

The customer we highlight achieved these gains among people who did not click on their ad campaign and later came to their website through another channel:

  • 240% increase in content engagement 
  • 188% increase in form submissions

Right now, your marketing team is running campaigns to drive traffic to your website. Maybe paid search, display ads, or some form of email marketing. Perhaps all of these and more.

In a perfect world a potential customer sees your ad and clicks right away. In the real world, the majority of potential customers who see your ad Do Not click right away and instead come to your website when the time is right for them. 

These view-through visitors – potential customers who saw your ad, never clicked, but navigated to your website through other channels – are either an untapped source of leads or a leaky bucket.

Connecting a simple web experience strategy to your paid media spend means that you can deliver the right message to all visitors influenced by media – even those that never clicked your ad!

For the team at VISIT DENVER, this has been a critical part of ensuring that they are maximizing the performance of their advertising investments. Using personalization, they were able to promote content to visitors who arrived on site after seeing, but not clicking an ad. 

These ‘view through’ visitors engaged with content at a rate 240% higher than visitors who arrived via the ad. With personalization, the team was able to ensure this ad-influenced traffic was shown the most relevant content. They were rewarded with high engagement. 

But these visitors didn’t just engage with content at higher rates, they also converted at higher rates. The view through visitors converted on form fill goals at a 188% greater rate than those visitors who just came directly through the ad. This is because the customers came when they were in market – ready to research, compare and buy – and the marketers were prepared.

Like the VISIT DENVER team, you likely have thousands of visitors who come to your website after seeing and being influenced by – but never clicking on – ad campaigns. They present an opportunity that you don’t want to miss. You’ve already paid to influence them with media; link that to website personalization to keep their attention and capture them as a lead.

Here are two quick questions to help you see if connecting your paid ad campaigns to your website is applicable to you and something for you to learn more about.

  1. Is this a sizable opportunity for you?

Take the average click through rate on your ad campaigns and look at the inverse. If you get a 3% CTR then 97% of the audience who saw your ad did not click.

  1. Do you have this covered already?

When you pay to get an ad in front of a potential customer and they do not click but they come to your website later do you serve them an experience relevant to the ads they saw?

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