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Across our many Travel & Tourism customers, e-newsletter sign up is a key website metric because it builds a destination’s email list and creates a connection with potential visitors. It enables you to maintain an ongoing – albeit long-distance – relationship with a potential visitor to your destination. Think about it, when a website visitor… Read More

Welcome to our six-part series on building a successful website personalization strategy. We will publish a new post each week. Sign up for our newsletter to get updates! In the last post, we talked through setting goals for your personalization strategy. Next, we’ll describe how to choose personalization plays to meet your goals. How will you solve… Read More

We’re thrilled to feature a post written by our very own Adam Goldberg. As Director of Product Enablement and resident platform expert, Adam is the go-to resource for new users and veterans alike. He’s a great problem-solver, despite his personal struggles with verbosity. The basics of audience segmentation for personalization are pretty intuitive. The goal is to identify subsets of… Read More

Some webpages are just buried so deep–Mariana Trench deep–in a corporate website that it can be hard to imagine the benefits of audience insights and personalization. Does this sound familiar? You are a marketer responsible for a webpage deep in the trenches of a corporate site structure. The page sees decent traffic. You bet that it’s… Read More

According to Blue Research, “94% of customers have discontinued communications with a company because they had received irrelevant promotions and messages.” The dilemma: how can marketers serve segmented audiences relevant experiences to prevent disengagement? What’s more, how much time and resources go into implementing a solution?  Let’s take a look at an example of personalization success with… Read More

Get Smart Content’s customers are continuing to challenge the status quo and use personalization to drive engagement and conversion on their websites. While segmenting website traffic and serving relevant content to each segment might sound like a formidable task, our customers have proven over and over that starting small and simple can drive big results…. Read More

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