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Driving the Ultimate Customer Experience with Predictive Marketing & Personalization If you feel overwhelmed by the terms “predicative analytics” and “big data,” you are not alone. The concepts can be intimidating, but marketers who understand how to harness their power have a significant advantage over those who don’t. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Mintigo to… Read More

Each year in the middle of the month of March, a mass descends upon Austin, TX to take part of SXSW, a conference spanning the tech space, film world and music industry. With a large selection of panels that focus on content, consumer behavior, big data, social media and general marketing best practices, SXSW is a great show for modern marketers. Here are some of the best takeaways I found as a marketer during my SXSW experience.

ExactTarget Connections wrapped up last week leaving over 6,000 attendees inspired to return home to begin implementing a few of the life lessons and exciting new product releases unveiled during the event. Following our day 1 conference review, we’re recapping days two and three of the conference including more insight into the new products ExactTarget will be releasing in the coming months along with some of the highlights from the keynote delivered by former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

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