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One of the most common struggles for a destination is how to appeal to visitors with wildly different interests. With persona-based ad campaigns you can separate these visitors and send them to different landing pages, but how do you continue to speak to their specific interests as they explore the general site? Using Bound, the… Read More

As a destination marketer, one of your main challenges is turning your website visitors into destination visitors. Before a visitor comes to your destination they compare you their other options. During this research phase, you tailor your ads to match their interests, you utilize search engine marketing tools to make sure your advertising and social… Read More

Some webpages are just buried so deep–Mariana Trench deep–in a corporate website that it can be hard to imagine the benefits of audience insights and personalization. Does this sound familiar? You are a marketer responsible for a webpage deep in the trenches of a corporate site structure. The page sees decent traffic. You bet that it’s… Read More

You’ve invested in paid search advertising. You’ve practiced effective SEO and rank well organically. You have killer display ads in all the right places. You’re retargeting with gusto. And it’s all working! Website traffic is steady and trending up. That’s awesome. BUT…the people who are coming to your website are by and large leaving before… Read More

When I first heard the term “behavioral targeting,” I thought it sounded more like something that should be used by FBI agents or the TSA, not marketers. Isn’t that what Clarisse Starling and Will Crawford used to catch Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs?  Nope, that was psychological profiling.  While there is certainly some… Read More

In their annual survey, Huff Industrial Marketing and KoMarketing Associates explored how buyers evaluate vendor websites, what content is critical to the buying process, and how the various types of content marketing assets impact the B2B buyer’s journey. The report was based on data from a survey conducted in October and November 2014 among 262 professionals,… Read More

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