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As a destination marketer, one of your main challenges is turning your website visitors into destination visitors. Before a visitor comes to your destination they compare you their other options. During this research phase, you tailor your ads to match their interests, you utilize search engine marketing tools to make sure your advertising and social… Read More

Across our many Travel & Tourism customers, e-newsletter sign up is a key website metric because it builds a destination’s email list and creates a connection with potential visitors. It enables you to maintain an ongoing – albeit long-distance – relationship with a potential visitor to your destination. Think about it, when a website visitor… Read More

Ahead of the summer travel season, the South Dakota Department of Tourism looks to inspire, engage, and convert visitors into travelers through its multi-channel online strategy. At the heart of their strategy is their website. The goal of South Dakota’s website is to expose consumers to the breadth of experiences the state has to offer,… Read More

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