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Find out more about the kinds of data available and the types you need, the different personalization strategies your peers are testing, and how other B2B marketers are able to quantify the ROI of personalization in the white paper The Payoffs of End-to-End Personalization: How Top Enterprise Brands Are Creating Deeper Connections At Key Engagement Points To Drive… Read More

We’re thrilled to feature a post written by our very own Adam Goldberg. As Director of Product Enablement and resident platform expert, Adam is the go-to resource for new users and veterans alike. He’s a great problem-solver, despite his personal struggles with verbosity. The basics of audience segmentation for personalization are pretty intuitive. The goal is to identify subsets of… Read More

What do Taylor Swift and SiriusDecisions have in common? No, unfortunately she will not be performing at the Summit. Forgive us for getting anyone’s hopes up! The actual connection between the two is because our booth has a blank space, baby…and we’ll write your name. Allow me to explain. Everyone knows that people expect relevant… Read More

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