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Our platform is best in class and our team has more experience with online personalization than anyone. With that winning combination, we’ll help you improve website performance and see success.

Build Audiences

The very best personalization strategies carefully consider a target audience.

With Bound’s innovative platform, marketers are able to build both wide-reaching and narrowly-focused audiences based on:

  1. How visitors are getting to a website
  2. What those visitors are doing once they are on site
By grouping audiences using behavioral and demographic characteristics, a website can speak directly to a visitor with a message tailored just to them.

build audiences graphic with icons for audience segmentation, trends, and the marketing funnel
create content graphic with icons showing a piece of content that is configured for a specific audience to see

Create Content

Once an audience has been considered and created, it’s time to serve that segmented audience content that will engage them at the highest level.

With both embedded and overlaid content types, marketers are able to choose how aggressively they would like to target their segmented audiences. Bound’s content templates make building effective, personalized content easy and straightforward. With our visual content builder, a marketer can easily update copy, imagery, or formatting on personalized content. This allows marketers the opportunity to create multiple variations of personalized content in very little time.

Measure Success

Because improving site performance is our priority, measuring the success of personalized campaigns is a necessity.

The Bound platform makes it easy for marketers to see important data like which segments engaged best and which content drove the most success. Equipped with this critical information, a marketer can easily create more site experiences that inspire visitors to engage and can quickly adjust personalization to be as effective as possible.

measure success graphic showing a chart and reports

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