Bound Delivers

Discover engagement at scale.

At Bound, we solve complex business challenges with our ability to identify your audience, segment your meaningful personas, and personalize at scale. We apply our expertise and personalization platform to optimize your website performance.

Website Personalization Platform

Engage your visitors at scale with highly personalized experiences designed to sway your target audience and reach your engagement and conversion goals.

Professional Services

Get all the help you need — from setting up your platform to developing and implementing advanced personalization campaigns. Our experts can help you do it, or do it for you.

How it Works

Your best sales rep’s fundamental steps for success — understand who they’re talking to and adjust their pitch depending on their audience. Your website demands just that.

Our Secret Sauce

360 Persona Technology

Bound connects your data to develop detailed personas aligned with your target buyers. Bound personas are built by connecting multiple data sources from leading industry data providers and marketing platforms, enabling you to personalize your message to both known and unknown personas in your campaigns.
Firmographic Data

Identify audiences by their company attributes such as company name, location, revenue, industry, and technologies used.

Demographic Data

Target your audiences by their job role with access to professional profile data from LinkedIn. Get surgical by targeting attributes such as job function, seniority, industry, and company size.

Offsite Intent Data

Focus on prospects who are in-market today using 3rd party predictive intent data from Bombora. This data helps you understand the purpose of a visit based on the visitor’s browsing patterns on thousands of connected content hubs.

Onsite Behavioral Data

Customize your visitors' website experience based on their real-time behavior. Bound enables you to design campaigns based on 30 unique behavioral attributes such as entry path, page visits, time on site, clicks, device type, and repeat visits.

Marketing Automation Data

Tailor your campaigns based on visitor engagement attributes in your marketing automation and CRM platforms such as pipeline stage, custom account fields, custom contact fields, and customer status.

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