Audience Insights

Know your audience like never before.

Audience Insights delivers key data and expert analysis of your web audience — providing actionable insights and recommendations to reach your engagement and conversion goals.

Key Insights Delivered

Who is visiting your website?

Identify all of your audience at the account-level by company name, size, location, industry, revenue, down to the individual-level by job function, seniority, occupation, and buying intent.

How are they engaging on your website?

Analyze behavior trends and content consumption patterns as well as entry and exit points for all of your audience or for specific to key accounts.

The core analysis provided by Bound Audience Insights are simple yet powerful, as illustrated in our Visitor-Engagement Quadrant below:

Engagement Ratio
Optimize Content for Your Target Personas High Traffic/
Low Engagement Ratio
Evaluate and Replicate Content Strategy High Traffic/
High Engagement Ratio
Verify/Optimize Target Audience Focus Low Traffic/
Low Engagement Ratio
Increase Traffic for Target Personas Low Traffic/
High Engagement Ratio

Consider the following example showing anonymized traffic and engagement for top job functions:

Website Visitors
Business Development Information Technology Marketing
Engagement Score

Audience Insights Addresses Each Buying Stage

Assessment Stage
Who is coming to my website, and what are they looking for? Which accounts/industries should I consider that aren’t already on my target list? How many people within my target accounts are coming, and where are they engaging?
Engagement Stage
Is my paid media driving to optimal pages, and is my site optimized for it? Which connection points do visitors and target accounts engage with most? Do I have the content visitors are looking for? How engaging is the available content?
Pre-Purchase Stage
Which other roles from the buying groups are exploring the website? Which of those roles are converting on key goals? What content is my qualified demand consuming?
Post-Purchase Stage
Which customers engage with the website, and how often? Where are customers engaging/not engaging with the website? What content are customers consuming?

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