Audience Reports

What is an audience report?

The Bound audience report provides answers to the questions listed below by gathering information on segment size, engagement rate, and conversion rate against key goals.

  • What is the composition of your audience? Specifically, how many visitors from key segments visit the site?
  • Which segments engage in the highest/lowest numbers?
  • Which segments convert in the highest/lowest numbers?
  • Which goals are the various segments most likely to convert on?

How is this different from a monthly performance report?

Monthly performance reports provide detailed data and analysis about the ​performance of personalization​. They are designed to show how targeted campaigns, segments, and content performed. With this information, you can see what personalization efforts have been most effective and what is driving that effectiveness.

By contrast, the audience reports provide valuable information to better understand your site visitors. These reports give you a unique look at your addressable audience and provide insight into what the composition and activity of your overall web traffic looks like.

What is included in the audience reports?

Each month you will receive a pdf that will show you:

  • Total audience size, average engagement (pages/visitor) and average conversion rate against up to five goals
  • Top ten and bottom ten segments by volume
  • Top ten and bottom ten segments by engagement rate
  • Top ten and bottom ten segments by conversion rate for up to five goals

In addition to the pdf report, you will also receive an excel file that will show the volume, engagement rate, and conversion rates for all segments against all goals.

The monthly reports are not customizable.

How will the reports be delivered?

Both the pdf and the excel files will be delivered via email. For customers that have monthly services with Bound, those reports can be presented during the monthly reporting call and will be delivered via email following the call with the monthly performance report.

Are services required for audience reports?

No. Audience reports provide a whole new layer of data and information that bolster performance reporting and the monthly strategy recommendations provided as part of services packages. However, services packages are not required in order to receive these reports. The audience reports help all customers, regardless of service level, to better understand their audiences and refine their personalization strategies.

Are there any requirements for audience reports?

In order to be successful with audience reports, it is critical that a customer have goals configured. We request that all customers who receive audience reports have, at minimum, two goals configured.

Additionally, audience reports tend to provide the most data when there are at least 10-15 segments configured in the platform.

How frequently are audience reports delivered?

The standard audience report package provides a report each month. If greater frequency is required, custom reporting packages can be arranged.

What is the cost of audience reporting?

Audience reports are sold on an annual basis at a cost of $1,500.

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