Media Optimizer

What is Media Optimizer?

Media Optimizer is a new feature in the Bound platform that allows users to identify website visitors who have been exposed to media campaigns in other channels and to optimize their onsite experience with personalization.

What is the benefit of using Media Optimizer?

Media Optimizer allows the user to optimize the experience of media-exposed site visitors and to better understand the impact of paid media campaigns.

Performance Optimization

Using the Bound pixel to identify visitors from specific campaigns, the Bound personalization engine can then segment those visitors and deliver targeted, personalized content. This allows you to optimize their performance against general website health metrics and against specific conversion goals.

Of course, this is the goal of all Bound personalization, but it becomes especially important for those visitors who were exposed to media campaigns because media dollars were spent to influence them. By improving the performance and conversion of those visitors against which money has already been spent, Bound can help increase the ROI on the media expense.

Impact data

Bound tracking pixel technology allows users to create as many pixels - and variations of those pixels - as they'd like. This provides a way to tag each distinct media campaign with a unique indicator. Upon arrival to the website, Bound is able to determine that a visitor not only saw a campaign, but which campaign they saw.

For many, measuring media effectiveness is limited to measuring performance and conversion for those visitors who clicked on an ad. With Bound's Media Optimizer you can now measure performance and conversion for those visitors who were exposed to an ad as well. This provides a much more complete picture of how media spend truly impacted site visitation and performance.

Who is Media Optimizer right for?

Media Optimizer is a powerful addition to your personalization toolbox, but is most effective for those destinations with a heavy focus on paid media. Because of limitations around third-party pixels, we recommend media optimizer to those customers who are running native and display ad campaigns.

If you are actively investing in paid campaigns and you are looking to increase the performance of media-influenced traffic on your site, then Media Optimizer is highly recommended to support your personalization efforts.

How much does it cost?

For existing customers, Bound Media Optimizer can be added to a personalization license on an annual or quarterly basis.

  • If you'd like to add Media Optimizer for the full duration of your annual contract, the cost is $3,500.
  • If you'd like to add Media Optimizer in quarterly increments rather than the full term, the cost is $1,000/quarter.

What if I am not currently using Bound?

Right now, Bound Media Optimizer is only available for users of Bound's full personalization license.

However, as we seek to help more organizations optimize their media traffic, we are exploring a limited license of Bound that would allow users to target only their paid traffic. If you'd like to be alerted to any new offerings around a media-only license of Bound's personalization software, reach out to us at and we will make sure to keep you updated.

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