Professional Services

We’re with you every step of the way.

Our deep market expertise, combined with our experience partnering with forward-thinking customers, helps marketers engage with their customers when and where it matters most. Whether you need segmentation strategy, performance analysis, or complete program support, we deliver.

Get the Help You Need

We can coach you through success or be right there with you on the field.

Strategic Consulting

We empower your team to feel comfortable with our personalization platform. Leveraging over 60 years of collective experience, we help you develop strategic initiatives, learn from best practices, and implement proven methodologies.

Managed Services

Our experienced personalization experts become an extension of your team, leading you through audience segmentation, developing personalization strategies, campaign implementation and optimization, and performance analysis against KPIs.

Best-in-Class Support

Here when you need us.


Our dedicated on-boarding team provides a seamless experience with a proven process from platform setup to the launch of your initial campaign, while quickly converting new users into confident Bound experts.

Technical Support

Not to brag, but our support is literally the best. Every other company you’ve worked with wishes their support was as good as ours. Whether we're configuring account settings, tweaking some responsive CSS, or writing custom JavaScript code for a special campaign, we’ve got your back..

“Worked fast and went above and beyond expectations. You guys rock!”

“I love working with the efficient Bound team. They just get it done and done right.”

“Immediate! With a solution provided! Outstanding support!”

At Bound, we're dedicated to serving our customers above everything else. We built a team of highly experienced market experts, we proudly call S.T.A.R.S.—who are constantly focused on driving incremental outcomes through:

Strategy built from proven methods and industry best practices
Technology that enables you to deliver engagement at scale
Analytics to ensure your key decisions are driven by data and insights
Relationships that foster collaboration and confidence to drive innovation
Success that continues to build on your achievements

Not sure where to start? Let us help.