Account-Based Marketing

Deliver specific stories to your key accounts.

Do you leverage an account based marketing strategy to target a specific set of accounts? With a focused account approach, you can deliver the most relevant marketing messages to target audiences.

With account personalization, you can identify the compaies where your anonymous web visitors work and direct them to specific content tailored to their needs. With ABM, B2B marketers can expect a 171% lift in average annual contract value.


Optimize the Direct Mail Campaign Experience

Prospects in your ABM programs often visit your company homepage. Don’t leave it to chance for them to navigate their way around the site to the ideal content. Personalization can help you identify these specific prospects and direct them through a compelling, tailored experience.


Convert Event-Driven Traffic

Special events are a great way to enhance your ABM programs. You can boost account engagement and event attendance by deploying a personalization campaign directing traffic from your key accounts to your next local event.


Engage Buying Groups

Your key accounts typically have multiple stakeholders in the buying process. Personalization can identify when anonymous visitors are associated with your key accounts, enabling you to direct them to the optimal content that matches their role in the buying process.


Guide Key Accounts to Dedicated Account Hubs

Many account based marketing initiatives engage accounts with exclusive content and custom web experiences designed to convince and convert. Personalization can help you match the corporate identity of known and anonymous web visitors and guide them to dedicated account pages.


Learn more about how personalization can engage your key accounts.