Audience Verification

Is your marketing focused and relevant?

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.”

John Wanamaker

How do you know your targeted marketing efforts are really reaching your intended audience? Sure, you can build audience lists across all major media platforms, but until a prospect fills out a form, you can’t confirm if they fit your target persona...until now.

Audience Insights de-anonymizes web traffic across your site and identifies the personas your marketing efforts are attracting. You can now optimize your marketing campaigns for your target audience, maximizing return on your media spend.

Identify Your Anonymous Visitors

You can identify anonymous visitors with our 360 Persona Technology™ - company attributes, professional profile data, offsite intent, onsite behavior, or marketing program data. With this data, you can verify the quality of your traffic. You can then identify the personas from media campaigns or across the entire site, and verify if you're getting the quality traffic you expect.

Optimize Your Media

Knowing your web audience allows you to optimize your media spend around your target audience. Bound customers lean on Audience Insights reports to review their media channels and associated audience personas. They often learn that media channels that focus on quantity of traffic over quality don’t match their intended target audience. Without Audience Insights reporting, how quickly can you adjust your media promotions to optimize for quality traffic?

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