Customer Marketing

Your customers shouldn’t be one-hit wonders.

Marketing doesn't stop with the first purchase. Keeping a customer is cheaper than getting a new one after all. There are four ways you can grow revenue with customer marketing: cross sell, upsell, renewals, and advocacy.


Cross Sell

Identify customers who have yet to make their next purchase. Instead of delivering them generic messaging, or worse, information about a solution you know they already have, direct these visitors to content that articulates the value add for the next product.



Make the most of an opportunity to connect with customers who have a product or solution that can be upgraded by immediately presenting them with messaging on why they should upgrade and how to do it.



When a customer visits your website and it’s that time of the year, be sure your website speaks to their current status by highlighting a compelling value proposition or a set of new features, urging them to renew.



Word of mouth is more credible than any ad. So inspire your customers to be champions for your solution. Identify prospects with high NPS scores and thank them for their business. You can even go a step further by making it easy for them to provide an online review.


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