How to Define your DMO Audience Segments

DMOs face a unique challenge. Your visitor types and interests are as unique as your city – they’re international, in the next state over, and right in your own backyard. So how do you use your website to reach this diverse audience who has different interests, different needs, and different methods of planning their visit?

First things first, let’s segment your audiences into primary visitor types. The audience segmentation process allows you to divide your large group of visitors into subgroups based upon their geolocation, their interests, their previous experience with your destination, and the media that they use.

Create Traveler Personas For Your Site Visitors

If it helps, some DMOs create traveler personas for each of their audience segments. These might include the following:DMO Audience Segments


How To Define Your Traveler Personas

For each of these audience segments/personas, it may be helpful to define them by answering the following questions:

  1. Where do these visitors live?
  2. What is the purpose of their visit? Business? Planning a meeting? Vacation? Staycation?
  3. What attractions in your city does this visitor enjoy most?
  4. How do these visitors end up on your website? What do they search online? What websites do they visit to research travel?
  5. What pages on your website are most viewed and valuable to this visitor?
  6. What is the most appropriate call to action for this customer? Do you want them to request a visitor’s guide? Sign up for your emails? Talk to your Meetings Sales Staff?
  7. What type of media is most appropriate for this audience? Video? PDF downloads? Online visitors guide?


Need help defining your audience personas?

To get some help defining your personas, or to confirm that you’re on the right track, ask us for your free intelligence report.

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