Google Analytics App Gallery, our Opportunity Report has arrived!

Get Smart Content’s Opportunity Report is now listed in the Google Analytics App Gallery, a comprehensive listing of tools that integrate with Google Analytics to provide a more in-depth analysis of and new uses for your Google Analytics data. Applications listed in this gallery are available worldwide and have the stamp of approval from Google, meaning our Opportunity Report keeps your Google Analytics data highly secure while providing valuable insights that will help you improve the return on your existing marketing spend.

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What does the Opportunity Report do exactly?
This web-based application allows Google Analytics users to clearly see which audience segments are failing to drive leads based on the comparison of their performance to the site-wide average conversion and bounce rate. In short, this report takes the guesswork out of how to identify which audience segments need attention and how to better engage your website visitors in order to increase your website’s ROI. The Opportunity Report compiles data across the most recent previous six-month period and can report on all goals on your site or focus on one specific goal of your choosing.  The types of audience segments that are analyzed in the report include:

+ Day of the week
+ Keyword
+ Geolocation
+ Mobile Device
+ Number of visits
+ Referring URL

Why is this beneficial?
When you discover what audience segments are underperforming, you can take the next steps towards reaching the leads you are currently failing to engage with. Once you connect with those lost leads, you can convert them into valuable customers.

How do I use the report?
It’’s simple! Visit the Opportunity Report page, and enter this information:

Get Smart Content Opportunity Report

And in 30 seconds, you will see how many leads you can potentially reach simply by improving audience segment performance to coincide with your site’s average conversion and bounce rate!

To see the Opportunity Report listing in the Google App gallery, along with other Google Analytics integrations click here.

Anthony Figgins
Anthony Figgins

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