Don’t Leave Your Website Redesign to Chance

Marketers are constantly searching for new and unique ways to engage and win over their target audience. If you’re reading this, it’s a safe bet you’re in the same boat, and you know that your website could serve site visitors better – in turn, helping you meet your engagement and conversion goals. If you’ve decided to pursue a website redesign (may the odds be ever in your favor), you need to consider the following best practices.

In order to get the most out of your redesign, you’ll rely on two primary factors: available data and your current website metrics. The marriage of both is key, or else you will be paralyzed by analysis or stuck with decisions based on hearsay. Either situation minimizes the impact of your effort and the dollars spent on the new site.

Knock, knock! Who’s there?

First, let’s address the data you need to get a 360 view of your web visitors. Good news: there is actionable data available (and we’re talking more than just geo and industry!). The combination of valuable visitor data and industry experience will maximize the effectiveness of the new site…and ROI.

So let’s start with a list of the types of data that will help you identify those key personas and target audiences:
· Geography
· Intent
· Off-site engagement (i.e. with paid media)
· Previous onsite behavior
· Industry and job title

Now that we have discovered who is coming to our site, where they’re from, and why they’re visiting – let’s find out what insights can be gleaned from our current website before we change it up.

Current site value

The most important knowledge we can gain from the current site is which pieces of content are the most effective at driving conversion. This might sound obvious – and it’s not rocket science – typically the most engaging content will vary among key personas and visitors who are at different stages in the buyer’s journey. For example, restaurant content will resonate with foodies, as opposed to meeting planners who will be more engaged with convention center details. Current customers are more likely to engage with up-sell content, whereas first-time visitors will spend their time on your blog. (Another fun application of these insights: use it to fuel future paid campaigns.)

Let’s win more

Redesigns typically take a while, but the show must go on! Marketers still need to attract the right traffic to the site and engage those target audiences that they’ve spent the time and money on to get there. While you’re strategizing a redesign plan of attack, why not make sure your efforts won’t go to waste? Armed with a complete picture of your audience and with insights into the most effective content, you will feel confident that your decisions are backed by data.

For over 5 years, we’ve worked with marketers across many different industries (software, travel, manufacturing, etc.). Our customers have partnered with us before a website redesign, during, and after. For example, over the course of their 3 year relationship with Bound, Grand Junction went through a full website redesign without a glitch. “Bound was just built into the redesign, there was no hiccup at all. It wasn’t an addition to the redesign, it was just a piece of it,” says Mistalynn Meyeraan, Marketing & PR Director. Carrie Tomlinson, Account Director at Miles Partnership, compares serving targeted content with Bound to having a booking engine on the website. “There are those fundamental things that we know we need to include, and targeting on the homepage and other key pages is something we knew works for us and something we wanted to keep,” she explains.

Our platform and team enables marketers to identify their audience with increasing sophistication and to achieve quantifiable results that not only meet, but exceed their business objectives. If you’re interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to connect with us!